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This event is over

We are offering a Backyard Blitz again this year and have chosen to extend it from 1 day to a week for any students who are in need of community service hours before the end of the school year.  

Heartland Forest is looking for volunteers to help with different areas around our property.  From the garden beds in front and behind the Nature Centre to our Pollinator garden or Indigenous Friendship Garden we have a lot of ground to cover.  We have a 3 hour session each day from Monday 19 June until Saturday 24 June.  If anyone has any questions or concerns they can contact me by email or calling my extension.  We have limited spots available for each date.  


  • Backyard Blitz 2023 pdf
  • Backyard Blitz 2023 instagram post
  • Participation Waiver for students age 17 and under
    • We need a parent/guardian/advocate signature, students 18 and older can sign a waiver themselves on the day of the event.
  • Here is a link to the registration form:

(If there are students who need their community service hours before the end of this school year and they cannot make these time slots please have them connect with me and I will see what we can arrange)

Participation Waiver

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