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ECLIPSE EVENT – “Hi Heartland Forest, I’m sending this to extend my huge thanks to Heartland Forest for hosting this awesome event, while maintaining a reasonable crowd level so that everyone was able to arrive and depart smoothly and safely. We appreciated the support received through this event and the great conditions the public equipment is maintained in at the park. It was also a great experience waiting for the sky to open up, only have the wish fulfilled right when it mattered the most 🙂”

ECLIPSE EVENT – “Hi! I just want to say thank you for having such a well-organized, fun eclipse event yesterday.  It was our first time at Heartland and we were so impressed with this organization for having well-kept trails/grounds, friendly staff, and for being so well-prepared for the event. My kids were so entertained with all the activities prepared for that day. We appreciate that it was not overcrowded and there was no “eclipse pricing”. You guys could have definitely charged more and admitted more people but the fact that you didn’t shows how genuine this organization is.  Heartland genuinely cares about what they do and it shows 🙂”

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INDIGENOUS TRAIL WALKS – “Amazing amazing amazing! Not only is Heartland a wonderful natural space, but it’s programming is second to none. I was so lucky to join in on a sweet grass braiding workshop with a chap named Louis Harris. He expertly showed us through his Friendship Garden, helping helping us collect sweet grass in a respectful manner. He taught us about the traditions of the Haudenosaunee and was very knowledgeable. I cannot wait to attend another workshop to learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the site!” Will Catterick

TRAILS – “Beautiful trails. Wheelchair friendly. Lots of fitness stations for all abilities and educational areas for kids. Please donate and support the program.”

MISSION – “The focus and mission of this centre to save our natural habitat and to work with our community members deserves our utmost respect and cooperation! It is an amazing facility with much more to it, than what is apparent at first glance. There are trails, playgrounds, rock climbing, educational exhibits and much more!”

ACCESSIBILITY – “The most amazing and beautiful fully accessible and inclusive destination we have visited in Canada thus far. Simply awe inspiring, well built and maintained. They live by ” If it’s truly a good idea then it’s good for everyone “. Wade Watts, Accessibility Consultant

FREE PARKING- “Lovely park to visit with a lot to see and do. There was a nice walking trail with boardwalk, and some ponds. There was also a play ground to one side for the kids. Parking was free!” –

BEAUTIFUL – “Lots of parking and fun, accessible trails to walk. Beautiful in every season. Make a donation on your way in.”

MINI-PUTT – “Heartland Forest was amazing, they had so many trails you could walk down and see the wildlife there. They also have a playground, picnic area and mini-putt golf for only $2.00. We all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!!”

SCHOOL VISIT – “Awesome class trip. The trails were great. Saw turtles, frogs and so much more! The little train ride was a highlight for the kids.” Michelle Hoytema

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