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Heartland Forest aims to continue its dedicated efforts to its many stakeholders in the Niagara region, and we can only do so with your continued generous support! With your donation, we can benefit countless people in our community, primarily in the ways of conservation, accessibility, education, and wellness.

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Conservation header

Since 1999, Heartland Forest has protected 93 acres of Provincially Significant Wetland. The property was rescued from commercial development seventeen years ago, and the natural beauty of the property continues to serve the community in a variety of ways. Whether you want to go out for a stroll with your pet or search for salamanders, Niagara residents appreciate the outdoor experience offered on our grounds.

Accessibility header

Endorsed by Accessible Niagara, Heartland Forest is built upon the principle that the great outdoors is a right to which all are entitled, regardless of their abilities. Firm trails and low railings mean those who use wheelchairs or scooters can enjoy the forest, while low railings allow those same individuals to fish in and view the ponds without an obstructed view. With support from the community, Heartland Forest can continue to expand its paths and offerings for those living with disabilities.

Education header

The preserved wetlands and the installations on the property also serve as fantastic educational tools. Heartland Forest employs nature interpreters with expert knowledge and experience to teach visiting groups about ecosystems, biodiversity, and the environment. School groups who visit leave feeling enriched and enlightened, with a better sense of nature and a conscience towards respecting the earth. Heartland is always looking to innovate its techniques, incorporating new technologies and programming.

Wellness header

Just as Heartland is dedicated to the health of our forest, we are also dedicated to the health of the surrounding community. Since the construction of our Nature Centre in 2013, Heartland has continued to build more programming that encourages visitors to partake in activities pertaining to their mental and physical well-being. These opportunities reach people of various abilities and ages. Summer Adventure Camp keeps kids active during July and August, Active Adults Club engages older adults in activities ranging from healthy cooking to friendly sports, and Shop Club offers a social and active opportunity for adults with disabilities. Donations help us to improve the amenities and programs which engage these diverse groups in healthy living.

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Heartland Forest is a registered charity.
Charitable Registration Number:  88564-2801 R0001

As a not-for-profit and charitable organization, Heartland Forest survives because of its donations. Every little bit helps!

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