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Each kit includes unique wildlife artifacts for up close examination; fun educational activities and games including an experiment or craft, leaders guide and background information and resources for further learning.
Deposit: $100
Rental Fee: $50
Length of Rental: Friday – Thursday
For more information contact Melanie Stewart – Forest Discovery Program Coordinator at

Curriculum Connection: Growth and Changes in Animals

Grade 2
Animal Focus: Frogs and Insects

This kit investigates the life cycle of a variety of animals focusing on frogs and insects. Fun activities help students learn to identify and describe major physical characteristics of different types of animals in Ontario (e.g., insects, mammals, reptiles). Students will investigate ways insects animals are helpful to, and meet the needs of, other living things, and why we should protect these animals and the places where they live.

Curriculum Connection: Growth and Changes in Animals

Grade 4
Animal Focus: Coyote, Raccoon, Deer

This kit will investigate different communities in Ontario and the interacting species within them. Activities include a habitat mystery game and food chain activity to classify organisms according to their role in a food chain. Students will also investigate how changes to habitats (whether caused by natural or human means) can affect plants and animals and the relationships between them.

This program is provided thanks to Bosch funding support.

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