September 16th

Today we went back to our first site, the platforms. Who can believe it’s already the end of week two!

We introduced using hand drills for the first time today the children were shown how to properly hold and use the hand drill. The children investigated by drilling in different substrates. They really enjoyed drilling in the clay because it was easier to drill into than the hard dirt. We even found some earthworm friends and moved them away from our drilling site!



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September 14th, our 2nd day!

Today we headed into the forest to the second site, we will be using just off of our boardwalk walk trail. Along the way we visited our turtle viewing pond and couldn’t see any turtles but the children observed bubbles in the pond. We investigated what those bubbles might be. The children shared their ideas and said that there were more clouds in the sky today and it was much colder and windier and that the the turtles might be hiding under the water. They recognized that turtles like sunny and warm weather.

Looking for turtles at the turtle viewing pond

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Our First Day

We started out with a few circle games while we met new friends and learned everyone’s names. Then we headed into the forest with our backpacks and had snack on the deck of our big tree house. We made our way along the forest trail to our site for the day where all of our gear was already set up and ready to go. This is our morning routine although we have a few different sites that we may visit, we begin our days the same way.

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